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The goal of quality audio is to realize winning marks in three areas; the volume must be right, the clarity must be sharp, and the intelligibility must be high.

Volume is the power of the sound. The right design delivers the appropriate amount of power where it is required. And just as important, the right design avoids delivering power that can reflect to the listener, effecting clarify and intelligibility.  


Clarity is the ease with which the sound is heard. Too loud or too soft, too muddy or too strident – these are the boundaries of the speech and music clarity. Delivering audio within these boundaries ensures the ease of listening. 


Intelligibility is the communication of complete, meaningful words and phrases. Intelligibility requires every link in the audio chain to be strong and effective. Once the audio is degraded, either by one piece of poor equipment or overall bad design, intelligibility and the entire process of communication is less than it should be.

The objective is to achieve superior volume, clarity and intelligibility, in other words - quality audio. That means a quality audio design. From the source, through the technology, into the room and to the listener, everything must work. Which is what we do. We make quality audio technology work.

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