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The definition of LIGHT is electromagnetic radiation with wavelengths between 380 and 750 nanometers which is visible to the human eye.

The purpose of LIGHT is to reveal the properties of the objects and surfaces upon which it reflects.

The function of LIGHT is to match the tasks being undertaken and to respect the needs of the occupants.

The importance of LIGHT is in the management of the visual relationships between all participants.

Few people attend or view an event to experience the lighting. This places lighting technology squarely in a support role. Light for video? Illuminate shadows? Warm the environment? Who needs control and how much control is granted over which portions of the lighting system?

A fully designed lighting system will deliver visibility, focus and mood by controlling the properties of intensity, direction, color, texture, and movement. The correct equipment in the best position with the appropriate control. That is the foundation of a quality lighting design. Which is what we do. We make quality lighting technology work.

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